Post Graduate Licentiate in Homeopathy
for qualified Health Professionals

CPH offers this specially designed online course for Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and other qualified complementary and alternative health practitioners.

This fascinating programme of study can be done as part of your continuing professional development programme (CPD).

It will challenge your understanding of how far your current practice follows the principles of healing and open up possibilities for a more sustainable and ecological approach to health that is so needed in the modern world.

Students are expected to complete one module a month (12 modules) and to build this into their own health practice as much as possible. We expect the minimum amount of time taken to complete will be one year, but students will take up to 18 months to complete. Your personal tutor will assist you in achieving the goals you set.

This course provides
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By the end of the Certificate Level you will have a good understanding of the following
While on the Course

Assessment is always on-going and we do not require essays or the sitting of exams. (This is NOT a correspondence course). You will have assignments to upload and hand in for each Module.


You will have your own personal online tutor (contactable by Skype and email) for guidance and support throughout your training, giving feedback on your work and assignments. Tutors are fully qualified practitioners, chosen for their expertise and skills in helping you learn.

Commencement of Course

You can enroll at any time in the year.


On completion, graduates receive a Licentiate in Homeopathy (which is the qualification accepted by professional bodies in the UK for membership).